Commercial 10″ Blade Electric Meat Slicer Cutting Machine


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Commercial 10″ Blade Electric Meat Slicer Cutting Machine

Are you looking for the best food and meat slicer machine? Whether you are investing for commercial or home use purpose, our deli slicer will vastly become the game-changer to simplify and speed up the cutting process for you. 

Our premium electric meat cutting machine is perfect for slicing a large amount of food like meats, sausages, cheeses or other products. This will be a must-have meat slicer cutting machine if you are looking for a quality combination of precision, accuracy, efficiency and consistency.

Equipped with a 10-inch steel blade that is built with military-grade carbon steel to prevent rust and corrosion, making it the most durable cutting machine that you ever own! Additionally, the sharp edge of its blade enables you to have your meat sliced at a rapid speed and its groove cutting surface does prevent the meat from sticking to the blade resulting your multiple cuts being consistent and efficient.

Despite the high-quality materials, our commercial meat slicer is designed to make your culinary simpler and smooth. With an adjustable thickness knob, you can have full control over your meat’s thickness, precisely from 0.01 to 0.47 inches (0.2 to 12mm) and the study skidproof rubbers feet are there to ensure its stability so it won’t be easily moved.

Lastly, the power on/off switch has a waterproof cover to ensure security during operation and the fixed transparent shield also prevents you from having unintentional contact with the carbon steel blade bringing you a fully guarded and secure operation process. 


  • POWERFUL MOTOR – The powerful 240W motor in our meat slicing machine makes slicing meats or vegetables faster and more consistent. It can slice food within seconds and it greatly reduces the usage of electricity dues to its high-efficiency motors.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE – Our electric meat slicer is made of cast aluminum, it is highly durable and easy to clean. The sharp edge military-grade carbon steel blade is designed for rapid slicing and is rust-proof as well as corrosion-proof.
  • SMALL AND VERSATILE – This food slicer is small and versatile, and it can be used in your home or small space area. It could be used to slice a variety of foods, including meat, deli, cheese, roast beef, turkey breast, bread, vegetables, fruits, and more.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE – The fixed steel nails are there to hold the meat firmly and the handle enables you to cut the meat easily without any unwanted noise. It also has built-in dual bottom vent holes for effective heat dissipation.


  • Body: Cast Aluminum
  • Blade: Carbon Steel
Color: Silver
Dimensions(inches): 19.5″(L) * 15.2″(W) * 15.6″(H)
Item Net Weight: 40 LBS
Blade Size: 10 inch (250mm)
Slicer Thickness Adjustment: 0-0.47 inch (0-12mm)
Rotation Speed: 1400r Per Minutes 
Maximum Cutting Length: 4.7 inch (120mm)
Maximum Cutting Height: 7.9 inch (200mm)
  • Output: 150W
  • Input: 240W
Packages Includes:
  • 1x Electric Meat Slicer
  • 1x Manual Guide Instruction


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